Hey there ladies 🙂 My name is Mel and I would love to be your blonde goddess for the night. That’s right! I work mostly with other ladies! It might sound weird that I actually got into the business to find my girls, but hey. Every New York escort has her own story. I just knew that there had to be women out there looking for other women. So why not me? I’m an incredibly hot lady with big tits. Who doesn’t love to hook up with a pretty blonde? It’s not that I don’t like guys. I just really prefer to be with girls! Is that such a crime? I want to make a pretty lady smile. So step aside boys, its ladies night!

My pictures are taken outdoors because I love being outdoors. Maybe when we go out on our date we could hold hands and stroll through some of the beautiful gardens here in New York. I would love it if you would take me into nature. At least for a little while. I know most people don’t get escort services for the view, but trust me. If we find a little secluded area I could make it totally worth your while.

At the end of the day I’m a girly girl. If we go out, I want us both to dress up to the nines and really strut our stuff. I want to be so hot that you can’t handle it. And I want to feel like the luckiest New York escort in the world with you on my arm. Which I know I will be! Because you are beautiful! Being seen in public can be scary for some women, so I’m okay with pretending to be friends. But I would really love it if at some point we could head back to your hotel and have some real fun.

I love to give women their first lap dance. Many don’t have the guts to go into a guy infested strip bar and get their lady love on. With New York Escorts I can show up to your room and give you a completely private showing. And then, I can give you a sexy massage. Or maybe show you the tricks I’ve picked up with my toys, on myself of course, for your viewing pleasure. Come play with me ladies! I want to see you smile!

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