Hey boys. You obviously clicked on my profile because you think I’m cute, now let me tell you why you should stay. My name is Nadia and I am the resident party girl. I know all the best clubs in New York and I have danced the night away in almost all of them. There are always new ones popping up so there is always an opportunity for me try out new dance moves to different music. As a premiere New York escort, all that dancing has paid off and has given me a kicking body and boundless energy. These are valuable tools to please men like you who call us up for an unbelievable night of party and pleasure and that is exactly what I provide.

I might be a party girl, but that is not the only thing that makes me a good NYC escort. I know how to party, but I also know how to make a man happy. I can be fast and intense, but I can also be slow and sultry. If you choose me as your New York escort, you will have the best of both worlds. The fast paced and frenetic world of the New York club scene and the private and intimate world I create for you when we get back to your room. Whether it’s a sensual massage, a strip tease, or a just enjoying my body; I will make sure that your night with me will be a memorable one that you will carry in your mind for years to come.

The club scene might be my specialty as a NYC escort, but I am definitely not a one trick pony. If I’m with you then we do what you want to do. Just because I am good at finding great clubs and dancing to all kinds of music, it does not mean that those are the only things we can do together. If you feel like staying in, we will never leave the hotel room. I am perfectly content with keeping the party inside so you can have me all to yourself. I actually prefer that from time to time because I really get to know what makes men’s eyes roll into the back of their head and I love the look on a man’s face when he has a moment of ecstasy. Give me a call and let me see what I can do to give you that look.

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