If you are reading my profile, you obviously like the way I look so I will tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Lorena. I am a bright and bubbly dark-haired New York escort and I love what I do. As you can tell by my flawless skin, I like to take care of myself and get that perfect, even tan that helps me maintain my natural glow. The look on your face when you see my supple body in person is well worth all the work I put in to keep myself beautiful and vibrant.

Being a New York escort is a competitive business to be in. There are so many beautiful girls here, but not that many of them work on themselves or on a man’s happiness as much as I do. When you have me for the night, I like to make you feel like my body is all for you. I want you to play with me. I love to be touched. I get tiny little goose-bumps all over my body when a man touches me just right. I show them by the arch of my back and a small bite on my bottom lip that their touch is sending charges through my body. Doesn’t that sound fun?

I will be more than happy to take you around New York so you can experience the city with a hot and classy girl on your arm, but my favorite part of being a NYC escort is when we get back to your room and have some time alone. My favorite thing to wear at that time is a bikini. I love to show my body off on the beach, but I like it even more when I am alone with you because I can do little dances for you and rub myself up against you so you can see and feel the wonders of my body firsthand.

Can you just imagine me showing up at your door in a sexy outfit? If you choose me as your New York escort, the moment I show up at your door is when the fun truly begins. You have to see me in person, look me in the eye and touch my soft skin to really see what makes me one of the best escorts in the business. Give me a call and let me show you what fun really is.

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