Hello, my name is Helen and you have hit the lottery. If you are into fiery women that love to take charge of situations and dominate in the bedroom, you have found your match. My dominant personality goes way back. It might be because of my dark hair or my deep dark eyes, but whatever it is, it makes me a really good time if you are into aggressive women. NYC escorts are all nice and hot, but I am that plus a ball of intensity. I also have many hot sexy secrets that most find super seductive and attractive. Just when you think I might be getting tired or am out of my secretive sexy tricks, I will surprise you with another one that will blow your mind.

Many New York escorts are into couples and love to have sexy fun with men and women. I am really into the ladies. I love nothing more than to touch and feel the soft curves of a woman. When it comes to men, I just can’t get enough of a man that loves to be told what to do. When I make a command for a man to do something and he obeys, it makes my body go into this shock that has me going wild inside. All you have to do is imagine me wearing a leather lingerie outfit ready to tell you what I want to see, and letting the rest just happen. Things can get really wild with me as you can tell. I love fun, but I can’t get enough of hot lust, sweat, and hard endurance playtime.

When you are checking out Manhattan escorts you are going to find my picture very flattering. Don’t worry about being nervous or wondering what to do, because I am always informative with lots of hot ideas of ways to have fun. I can do nights out and about or we can do an evening in with lots of role playing or we can exchange ideas of some steamy dom/sub/slave fun. Or, if nothing else we can just start and see where our dirty minds end up. I like instructing and giving orders for men and women, or if a couple is celebrating an anniversary, I can help make the event a memorable one filled with pleasure. No matter what spending time with me will be one of the best experience, you will ever have, and your love for being a sub will be even more satisfying.

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