My name is Trinity and I would love the opportunity to be your escort. I know not everybody wants a seasoned escort to have fun with. I am one of the newest Manhattan escorts but when it comes to the quality of service, you will not know that I am a new escort. You will love my gorgeous eyes and killer figure. When you’re not dying to touch my shapely boobs, you’ll want to spank my nice ass. And I work out in order to maintain their sexiness just for you.

Having been born and raised in New York, I’m one of the NYC escorts who will show you around like a seasoned tour guide. Whatever your interests are, you know that there is a place for that here in New York. And if you want to go there, there is no one better than a gorgeous lady by your side to take you. You will love the attention that having a beautiful woman by your side will elicit.

I’m one of the few New York escorts who swings both ways. I love being with both men and women. I’m also not new to having fun with couples. All this despite being a new escort. You will love the adventurous spirit I have. Whatever I do, fun is always what I want out of it. Whether doing something as simple as having dinner, watching a movie or even attending an event, my flirting will leave your blood boiling with desire.

There is a common misconception that New York escorts, and escorts from elsewhere are in the industry because of lack of better things to do or because of desperation. Many of them, like me, are in this industry because we enjoy it and it is fulfilling. I’ll tell you a fact. There is no shortage of escorts in New York. But if you have the class and sense to go for an escort, chances are you do not want anything short of the best. You do not just want the beauty. You want the brains too. Nothing turns on a man like a beautiful and intelligent woman. And you can get both with me. I enjoy complex topics and discussions with my clients. I love it because it surprises people. But more than that, it makes it easy to hang out with business executives who are looking for fun and it easily conceals the fact that you have an escort if you are at a party or event with your friends and/or colleagues.

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