Ladies, if you are coming to NYC and need a hand, call me! My name is Julie and I am a sultry young lady who loves a woman’s touch. A lot of other NYC escorts won’t go out with women; they don’t even like to deal with women while on double dates with couples! I am the opposite. I want to have a woman’s soft hand in mine as we stroll through the park, caress the skin of your cheek as we dance the night away. There is nothing about a woman’s body that I do not love.

That isn’t to say that I don’t go on dates with men, too. Of course I do! I even love to go out with couples. But my absolute favorite dates have been with women. There is just something about being out and about with a beautiful woman on my arm that makes me happier than I can ever express; I almost feel like I am the lucky one on the date! If you are a lady looking for a friend to explore the city with, you should call me the next time you are in NYC. I am a guaranteed win when it comes to our date, no worrying about whether or not your NYC escort is actually going to be interested in the ladies!

And if you are a couple looking for a third I am a great choice as well! A lot of couples trying to determine if they want to add a third party to their dating scene try out Manhattan escorts as a dry run, and well, I think that is just tons of fun! We are all kind of swingers by default and being the one who gets shared is such a great experience. I also love showing people that with the right person it is not a jealous thing at all; it is just a lot of fun!

Now men, you can take me out on dates by yourselves too. But if you bring a lady I will be even nicer to you! Ladies and gentlemen, the next time you are looking for a New York escort please dial my number and take me out on the town and we can swing the night away! Just you and me, (or us, if I’m lucky!)

Contact Me Now! NYCEscortAgency@aol.com